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Medicaid CAP DA, CAP C, Adult In-Home Care, Child In-Home Care

Medicaid CAP:

CAP stands for Community Alternative Program and is funded by Medicaid. If you or a loved one qualifies for Medicaid, that person may be eligible for the CAP program. The CAP program goes a step further than the IHC program. Clients that start on the IHC program may be put on a CAP waiting list for enrollment. If approved, a case manager will be assigned to the client to assist with purchasing medical equipment and supplies. After the nurse completes an assessment, the client may also be eligible for increased hours of service.

Medicaid IHC:

  • IHCA (In Home Care for Adults) which covers recipients 21 and older
  • IHCC (In Home Care for Children) which covers recipients under age 21

The In-Home Care Program is provided under the North Carolina Medicaid Program. The purpose of IHC is to provide hands-on assistance to Medicaid recipients who have disabilities, mental impairments, and/or chronic conditions that prevent them from performing their own self-care. Self-care tasks are referred to as ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living). ADL’s include: eating, dressing, bathing, toileting and mobility. Recipients who qualify for this service may also receive assistance with IADL’s (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living) which is also considered “light housekeeping tasks”. Some IADL’s may include: changing bed linens and clearing pathways in the home for recipients who require assistance with mobility.

If you’re not sure what your Medicaid plan covers, please contact us.

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